Things to Consider in Contractors

Contractors are the backbone of any building and development work, no matter how large-scale or small-scale. So there are naturally some things you should keep in mind when choosing a contractor. Try to be highly selective and assess the choices you have properly before making a final decision. Here are some steps you can follow:

Have a Choice Between a few Contractors

Sticking to the one, trustworthy contractor is fine if you have had prior experience when dealing with him. Otherwise, it is always important to have a couple of choices of contractors. Ask around about people’s experiences with them and have a few shortlisted on that basis. Assess the others very thoroughly.

Check for Insurance

Make sure the contractor you have in mind is covered for accidents and damage liability. This is because construction sites are potentially dangerous areas and many unforeseen events may occur. Thus, it is best that the insurance policy of your contractor covers for any such damage and you don’t have to go through that hassle.

Consider Their Experience

Make sure the contractor has had good experience in his line of work. Look out for potential red flags like prices that are too low or shady payment policies. Have the contractor talk to other people in your time to make sure he knows what he is talking about. Ask the contractor about his previous clients. If possible, talk to some of those clients about their experience with the contractor. Ask them if there are any possible concerns you must be wary about. If the contractor is an employee and not independent, you can talk to his employers about what to expect. Look up records if any are available.

Make Them Fill a Questionnaire

If you do have a choice between a few contractors, try to create a questionnaire. Make them fill out this questionnaire on their own or try to ask them the relevant questions on your own.


Assess Them in all Aspects

A good contractor must have all the relevant qualities.  Try to ready a team of people who will assess your potential contractors in different areas. For example, one person should assess them in their sense of aesthetics and architecture whereas another person should look up the contractor’s skill with handling his team and his sense of being a team player. Another quality a good contractor must have is that he must be able to handle mishaps. He should keep the team in perfect synchronization; if any mishaps or conflicts arise he should be able to resolve them efficiently without creating rifts between the concerned parties.

Get a few Decent Bids

Ask all the potential contractors to give you their bids. It goes without saying that you should choose the contractor with the most economical package. Even so, keep a lookout for contractors who are offering bids which are way below the normal market price; this shows inexperience. Also, make sure the payment procedure is straightforward and not shady.